we build the future

octavius is a group of talented people that create and market products.

we build and market saas products

venture-backed companies are required to be massive opportunities but not every business created needs be worth a billion dollars. at octavius, we solve problems to unlock real value for customers today regardless of the size of the market.

build real businesses

although there are many valuable free products in the market, we focus on building products that have a revenue model from day one.

productivity focus

we focus on building products that use tecnology to boost productivity in new an interesting ways.

work with partners

although we primarily work on our own products, we also partner with companies that require a fresh approach to product and market development.


here are a few products and open source projects that we have built since inception.


endao is a community funding protocol. it uses the ethereum blockchain to allow anyone anywhere in the world to create micro endowment to support people/projects/causes.


mailmentor.io is a tool that uses a statistic model to help people write more effective cold emails. this free application uses a statistical model to help users optimize reading time, reading grade level, and improve overall structure.